The Entrepreneur Debugged

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In this podcast, we learn about what it means to be an entrepreneur, and with that in mind, what steps we need to take to develop something called – an entrepreneurial mindset.

We also discover the three main pillars of every successful business – what they are, how they function together and why no business can operate without them.

Being an entrepreneur, though it seems similar, does not even remotely resemble being a businessperson. However, there are specific traits that connect all entrepreneurs. In this podcast, we learn what those traits are, how we can work on ourselves and develop them (and then keep them).

Another critical point is that this podcast explains all the Entrepreneur Academy’s skills that will help you recognise ideas as applicable. In addition, specific questions cover many business ideas out there. Keep asking them, and you’ll find yourself slowly expanding your way of thinking.

Lastly, this podcast explains what happens when an entrepreneur reaches a certain point in their life and career that they focus on further developing an idea they have. How does an entrepreneur keep their focus? Why money does not play the central role and why it’s the way it should be.

I hope you find this podcast helpful and are willing to share your views and suggestions in the comments. I am looking forward to hearing from as many of you as possible, help you grow and become wise, successful.

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