The Glasses You Wear

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Why do some people see something that happens to them as positive and others see it as negative? How is it possible and why does it happen? And, how can we switch this to make it more positive? These are some of the questions I answer in this podcast.

You will also hear about what I learned about the way we process information from the biological point of view; what happens in our brain and how it triggers different reactions. There are things that naturally trigger either our positive or negative reactions. So, is there a way to control how we label things that we perceive?

At our academy, we teach you how to prepare yourself for change. Both good and bad things happen all the time, but change is necessary for growth. Listen to this episode and find out what is the one significant step that you can take to welcome change in your life with a positive mindset.

Also, you will learn how to make better decisions. What should you base your decision making on? What is the one thing that differentiates blind positive thinking from having a positive mindset in decision-making and times of change?

I hope you learn a lot of new things today and you start applying them. You will shortly see the results yourself!



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