What Is Entrepreneurship About?

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Would you like to know how we define entrepreneurship at our Academy? Listen to this podcast and find out how I came up with the idea of starting this Academy, how we approach entrepreneurship, what we stand for, and how anyone could become an entrepreneur even if they are not business owners.

I explain the three main aspects of entrepreneurship:

  • deciding on direction;
  • taking the right steps;
  • creating value.

There is a difference in the way people define entrepreneurship in Europe and America. I talk about those differences, the advantages and disadvantages of each environment and the core elements of entrepreneurship.

You will learn what differentiates an entrepreneur from a non-entrepreneur and in what way their mindsets differ. Also, I talk about what we teach at our Academy that helps people develop the necessary mindset and be curious enough to always look for ways to create value.

You will see what kind of people you will be surrounded with at the Academy and how other people impact your perspective.

I hope today’s episode inspires you to join us and learn more about entrepreneurship.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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