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What Is An Entrepreneurial Mindset

In this podcast, I explain the entrepreneurial mindset. Why do we need entrepreneurs and what makes them different and stand out? Talking about my passion and drive to introduce entrepreneurship for everyone and explaining why the Entrepreneur Academy exists.

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How To Start A Business During The Crisis

Starting a Business is difficult at all times, but during this crisis, most people would think you’re crazy to start one right now. If that is you and you’re looking for some inspiration, facts, and ideas on how to get it right, this podcast might just be right for you.

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How To Set Goals During The Crisis

This podcast is all about dealing with difficult situations and how to stay focused on your goals and find the right opportunities. It all starts with looking at the facts and writing them down somewhere. The next step is about pausing and assessing what is really going on. After that, it is all about finding the opportunity. Listen to it now…

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Q&A – How To Communicate During A Crisis

During this crisis period communication has become a real challenge. In this podcast I the question and explain the different options to communicate with your clients or team. I look at the pros and cons of each option and explain how I use those tools and when.

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Q&A – How to manage your time

In this podcast we are answering two questions: How to manage your time and how long does it take to start a successful business. Get ready for some surprising answers and some real hands-on information. Check it out…

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