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Three Points To Consider When Taking​ Decisions

How do you make the right decision at the right time with all the right consequences? How is this possible, and how can you do that? Most decisions we make daily – they are small, unimportant and part of our routine. But sometimes, decision-making can be quite tricky for many people. In this podcast, I give you three core points to consider when making decisions.

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Important Business Questions To Ask Yourself

In this episode, we are talking about the most important questions you need to ask yourself when running a business. This podcast can touch on possible answers. But it might give you the push you need to start building a scalable and successful business.

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What About Purpose?

In this episode, I am talking about purpose, what it is, why we need it and what difference it can make in life and business. This subject is very close to my heart and I believe so important for anyone. In my mind not having a purpose is the biggest reason why so many businesses fail and why so many people are unhappy with their lives and in their relationships.

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7 Tips To Hold Your Job

The pandemic has affected all of us, both privately and professionally. A lot of people are losing their jobs, and companies are suffering. So, if you are one of the people who are still in a job and want to make sure you stay in it, this podcast is for you. I share seven tips to help you make your position secure in times of a crisis.

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What Is An Entrepreneurial Mindset

To understand an entrepreneurial mindset, we need to know what an entrepreneur means. Here, I mention a couple of interesting facts regarding the origin of the word entrepreneur, the different meanings it has in different cultures, and what areas it covers.

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How Much Money Does A Business Need To Make?

Have you ever wondered how much money a business needs to make? You will learn a lot of useful tips on many things – from how to calculate the cost of your business, what equipment you should get, what money means for your business, to the difference between running a business and doing it.

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What To Consider Before Starting A Business

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? You love what you do, you want to stop being an employee, so the idea of independently starting your business sounds interesting. Then, this is the perfect podcast for you! I explain the main aspects you should consider before you even start thinking about starting a business.

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How to deal with doubt

Yesterday was one of those days when I was doubting that I am on the right track with my business and my life. I am not sure what triggered it, but it isn’t the first time and I discovered it usually happens when I read something from a person I respect which is contrary or not in line with what I believe. If it sounds clear and structured, it can put me into a state where I question myself and wonder if I am on the right track.

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Interview Ana Lazarevic

During the past 10 years while living in different environments, cultures and working various jobs she always made sure of two things, that she is financially independent and that she does things she enjoys and feels are right for her at that moment. In this period she discovered the need to have the financial freedom to do whatever feels right and to be mentally and physically well.

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