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How to solve most problems in minutes

First, we need to understand what a problem is. So, since, by definition, a problem always has a solution – these two cannot exist without each other. If the problem seems to have no solution, it’s a fact and cannot be changed. Once you identify your problem, you need to figure out how to ask the right question.

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How to be a Top Performer

Over the years, I’ve had a chance to speak with many entrepreneurs, and I love how some of them excel in the way they do stuff. So, I was curious to know how they manage it, and I found some recurrent patterns in their answers.

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Getting rid of stress

So, there seem to be many ways different people have found effective when dealing with overwhelming feelings, but here I would like to focus on one particular area – I want to talk about the impact physics has on your mind.

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What do you do?

I’ve had an interesting experience with a gentleman who came to see me and complained that other people didn’t want to listen to him talking about his business. So, that’s when I explained the three crucial factors we needed to consider when explaining a business

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