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The Entrepreneur And His Fear

What is it that stops most entrepreneurs from becoming successful? Through my own experience and my work with hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout Europe, I can confidently say one word. Fear. Fear is the one thing that stops almost all entrepreneurs from taking the right steps into a successful career or…

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Are You Ready For Action?

In an interview, Tony Robbins hit the nail on the head with the comment: "Any real goal requires action, determination and resolution, no matter what!" It just isn't enough to have an idea or some dream in the back of your head if you're not committed to it. How often…

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Are You The Right Person For The Business?

Your charisma, curiosity and commitment will prove to be essential qualities in getting your business idea off the ground. But how do you figure out if you've got what it takes to drive the business from start-up to sustainability?

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How To Solve Problems

Have you ever been stuck with a problem and couldn't find a solution? Welcome to the club. This happens to many people – and more often than you might think. So, today I want to share with you a 7-Step process based on seven questions to ask yourself to get…

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What Makes A Good Idea?

Let's start by trying a Google Search: "What is an idea?" Result: "A thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action" The one thing I want to point you to here is the word "*action*". Because the only reason for an idea to exist is if we are…

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