How To Scale A Business

Anyone running a serious business has heard of the term "Scaling a Business", but what does this actually mean? You might think that scaling a business is the same as growing a business. In a way this is correct. The difference is that scaling keeps the dimensions of each aspect…

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How To Build A Successful Team

Most teams don't work and rarely make it through the first few months. That's quite a statement. I am not saying this because I don't think teams can't work, but I am saying this because I believe most wannabe team leaders don't know how teams work. I see this over…

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How Your Success Depends On The Right Question

Whatever line of work you're in, have you ever thought about why you're doing the job that you do? Is it for the money, is it the career path or is it something else? Think a little deeper and you'll find that what you're actually doing is part of a chain in a problem-solving process. But have you ever thought about what problem you would like to solve? The world awaits you!

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Why The World Needs You

A few months ago, I had a chat with a young entrepreneur who struggled to get his business off the ground. He's been working on his start-up for the last two years and got nowhere. Not a single client, hardly any response on Social Media, nobody seems to be interested…

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How to go it alone

if you decide to go it alone, you will need to become seriously analytical about your business. You also need to be ready for action, immediate action, no delay. It's going to be like jumping into cold water, getting straight out again, write down the temperature and describing the general feeling and the result of the jump.

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A Question Of Doubt

Did I really do the right thing? Why isn’t this working? If you feel like your business and life aren’t going to plan, then don’t let uncertainty get the better of you. Ask the right questions and you’ll find a solution.

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In Pursuit Of Happiness

Over the last 20 years, the idea of having to be happy has slowly become a real movement. It doesn't matter in which area of life you look at; we have to be happy. I guess because everybody is pursuing it so much that most people must be really unhappy.…

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How To Design Yourself

Are you happy with the way you are? Not just the way you look but also the way you behave, think and present yourself? If you think you're born like this, let me tell you that this not true. The reason you are what you are is that you worked…

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How To Stay Motivated As A Start-Up

Starting a business is quite a task. There is so much to learn, to do and to take care of. Starting-up can be quite draining and leave you without any motivation or drive to keep going. All first-time start-ups go through that process. If that is you, you’re certainly not alone. What if I would tell you that this doesn’t have to be like that? Starting-up can actually be really fun and very rewarding.

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How to start with 50

There is a lot said about people who reached 50 years of age. For one, you should have made it by now. You should have created a successful career and reached a high position within your company. Have a nice car in the garage of your almost paid-off house in…

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Career choices after 40

You don’t have to be an under-achiever or unhappy with your work. But there comes a time in life when you start to get those niggling thoughts about a new challenge. How would you prepare to change your career for the better?

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Why Some Goals Don’t Work

Sometimes it’s easy to find excuses for not achieving our goals. Perhaps the goal is not that important: ‘Oh, I’ll sort it next week’. Sometimes it’s too ambitious: ‘You expect me to climb that mountain on my own?’ But there are other reasons why goals work for some and not for others – and the answer is in simplicity...

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How To Find The Right People

I know that most start-ups come to a point where they're thinking about getting more people involved in the business. This could be as a partner or as an employee. There are many reasons for this, but the ones I hear most are "Not enough time to get the job…

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Why Start-Ups Give Up?

Yesterday one of my clients called me up and told me that she wants to stop with her business. She does no longer believe it will work, and she is thinking about getting a job and going back to more secure employment in one of the larger companies around. When…

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Best Small Business Trends

Find your niche and find your fortune. Well, as we all know, it doesn’t necessarily work like that. Besides, as entrepreneurs, it’s not about the money. It’s about the value we create. But which niche is right for you? John di Stefano takes a look at where the savvy start-up might be heading to solve tomorrow's problems.

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