The Roles of a Business Owner

To run a successful business means to be good in many areas. Starting with developing the right ideas to managing the existing infrastructure and the technical aspect of the day to day work. Each of those areas requires different skills, but all of them together are vital to run a successful business.

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How To Choose The Right Brand Name

This is one of the questions I get asked a lot. There is not one single answer. In the past company names and brand names were treated as one. Company names or brand names were not seen as essential, and it was quite common to use your name for both.…

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The Lie Of Multitasking

Most of us can do multiple things at the same time. We can walk and have a conversation at the same time. We can shave or apply makeup while listening to music on the radio. No problem with that. Where it becomes more difficult is when we try to focus on two things at the same time. That’s when we realize; we can’t.

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How to really get things done

Do you have a task list? For some, it's the list that haunts them and is always pestering them to keep going. For others, it's the best thing in the world because it allows them to stop thinking and tick off the items on the list when they are done…

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How To Win At Anything

We are living in crazy times. Everything is happening and changing so fast. We hardly have any time at all to adjust. If that is how you feel, this article is for you. Many of us are trying to keep up with it all, always running behind and getting tired…

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Welcome To The Club

Let me introduce you to the largest club in the world. This club is fully international. It is the most expensive club in the world but also the easiest to join. All you need to do is answer the following questions with a definite No:

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The Last Man Standing

Since the books by Napoleon Hill "Think and Grow Rich" and "The Law of Success", hundreds of people have been looking for that one thing that would guarantee success. Nobody has found it yet in a way that it can be boxed and sold, but many have tried. In the…

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Why giving up is not an option

Popularized by Billy Ocean’s chart-topping hit in 1985 – but attributed to Joseph P. Kennedy (father of US President John F. Kennedy) – the phrase "When the going gets tough, the tough get going” is the backstop for all entrepreneurs for whom giving up is not an option. Is that you?

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Who and Where Are You?

Have you ever asked yourself the question who and where you are? If so, what was your answer? Depending who is asking, we describe the things we believe they would like to hear. So, if you have a destination in mind and are looking for ways to get there, make sure you know who and where you are.

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What is the future job

When I compare the job market today with 30 years ago, I am amazed how much has changed in such a small timeframe. When I was a student, I had two choices. Become an apprentice, learn a skill, find a job and make money straight away or go to university,…

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The Art of Positioning

Finding your niche means much more than coming up with a business idea. You need to be absolutely clear about the value you will be creating for your customers and define your target market with precision. Get your positioning right – and your customers will love you!

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Accountability equals success

Being accountable means so much more than simply reporting back. It’s all about taking responsibility and being driven by your own motivation to meet the goals of your business. Accountability also breeds success. But who are you accountable to if you’re a solopreneur?

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Becoming the Best Version of You

How do you become a better ‘you’ – especially if you want to improve your job prospects? You don’t need to reinvent yourself as it all starts with a bit of common sense, discovering your true purpose in life and having a clear sense of direction.

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How lonely do you want to be?

Loneliness, real loneliness, affects our mental and physical health. It’s like wading through quicksand towards a light at the end of the tunnel…except the light keeps getting further away. Whatever the reasons for loneliness, there is a way through…

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Meditation and Going Home

I just finished my morning meditation session, which I have been doing consistently for the last 11 months, and somehow, I feel excellent. Last year around this time, I decided to give mediation a real go. I wanted to find out what's behind all this mind-stuff everybody is talking about.…

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The Funnel System

Last week during our weekly meet-up in Brussels, we were talking about the perfect sales pitch and sales process to gain momentum in the market. We were looking at the different methods offered today by so many, and we broke them down into their main steps. Almost all of them…

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The language of an entrepreneur

Frustration is one of the biggest hang-ups for entrepreneurs, especially when starting a business. When things don't go to plan, you get demoralized and your confidence falters. The experiences of one of clients proved that turning negatives into positives is one of the best ways of getting frustration out of your system and turning your life around.

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