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Becoming the Best Version of You

How do you become a better ‘you’ – especially if you want to improve your job prospects? You don’t need to reinvent yourself as it all starts with a bit of common sense, discovering your true purpose in life and having a clear sense of direction.

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How lonely do you want to be?

Loneliness, real loneliness, affects our mental and physical health. It’s like wading through quicksand towards a light at the end of the tunnel…except the light keeps getting further away. Whatever the reasons for loneliness, there is a way through…

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Meditation and Going Home

I just finished my morning meditation session, which I have been doing consistently for the last 11 months, and somehow, I feel excellent. Last year around this time, I decided to give mediation a real go. I wanted to find out what's behind all this mind-stuff everybody is talking about.…

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The Funnel System

Last week during our weekly meet-up in Brussels, we were talking about the perfect sales pitch and sales process to gain momentum in the market. We were looking at the different methods offered today by so many, and we broke them down into their main steps. Almost all of them…

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The language of an entrepreneur

Frustration is one of the biggest hang-ups for entrepreneurs, especially when starting a business. When things don't go to plan, you get demoralized and your confidence falters. The experiences of one of clients proved that turning negatives into positives is one of the best ways of getting frustration out of your system and turning your life around.

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The Start-up Trap

This morning I received another load of emails promoting online courses and training. They usually start like this: From the constant feedback and survey responses I get, it's clear that most entrepreneurs are craving to create their own online course.And to that I say...Why think so small?In 2011, I launched…

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What’s another year?

Winding back to the end of 2015; I just finished my planning for 2016. I know it sounds so organised, but far from it. I didn't really know what I am going to do and where to focus on. My list at the time looked like this: Improve Social Media…

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Decisions, Decisions…

Your trusted, but ageing, car has broken down. It’s going to be expensive to repair. Should you scrap it and buy another car? But which make, what model, what colour…how much should you spend? Narrowing down your options makes your decision on the most desirable outcome easier…as Melanie is about to discover.

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My perfect client

Over the last two years, I have worked with a range of people wanting to start a business with varied results. Some went far, started their business and are doing well today. Some never got it off the ground. At this time of the year, I think about my goals…

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How to validate a business idea?

What would you do for a friend who’s always moaning that there’s never enough hours in the day? Buy him a clock? Nice idea, but not the ideal solution as it would only help him watch the passage of time. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll discover what your friend’s real problem is. And then you’ll be able to create the best solution to the problem.

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The Twist that will make your business

Do you ever feel like your business is just treading water? All around you, the market is changing, customer behaviour is transforming and you're left drifting out to sea. A little twist in the way you do business can help you catch that wave and get you swimming with the tide rather than against it.

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Why so many entrepreneurs give up

In spite of all your efforts, there are times when you start to think ‘enough is enough’. The business isn’t turning out how you imagined – and that great business idea isn’t as great as you first thought. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right foundations to build upon, it can work!

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How a change maker works

How do you get your customers to love you as much as you love them? When you think about it, you'll find part of the answer within the question. But it's not just your wonderful product or service that your customers crave for. It's the value you create in your role as a change maker.

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It’s all up to you

How is your life going right now? Are you on track? Are you getting what you want? Do you actually know what you want? No? Let me tell you, you're in some deep shit, still hunting for the one thing you don't even know what it is. I want you…

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How to start your business without being scared?

With all the courage, confidence and creativity needed to start your own business, you're raring to go. But then something in the back of your mind says "what if...?" Is this really such a good idea? Do I really want to step into the unknown? It's only natural to have a dose of the fear factor. But there are ways you can overcome this – and live the life you really want to lead.

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Why is change so hard?

Like it or not, change is happening all around us every minute of the day. And there, we have a choice. Go with the flow and accept that those changes will happen anyway. Or become the instigator that puts you in control of the changes you'd like to see in your life? Isn't it time you had a change of mind?

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What is a Business Idea?

Business ideas often come to us at the strangest times and in unusual places. In your mind you can see that great idea coming to life, what it will look like and how it will work. You can't wait to get started. But before you get too excited, step back. Identify if you're idea actually solves a problem and that it's something that people are willing to pay you for. Your research will tell you if it's a valid business idea!

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