Usually meditation is seen as personal development and rarely associated to business, but after a bit of research I came across a lot of connections between the business world and meditation.

Japan – for centuries companies in Japan understood the power of meditation in the workplace and invite their workers to join a meditation session before and during work. Nobody is forced to come, but for the ones who do the results for the individual and the company as a whole have been amazing.

US – Many modern companies like Apple, Google, Nike and Yahoo promote meditation and provide meditation sessions and spaces to practice to all their staff. Many of these companies looking for ways to keep their staff motivated and engaged in the business and meditation has become a major factor in their success to do so.

Europe – More and more companies in Europe understand the importance of physical and mental training. Throughout Europe many companies report on their success since they introduced not only the option for physical training but also for mental training. European companies have discovered the power of meditation as a core ingredient to their success.

But meditation is not just something for large organisations, it has become more and more part of small businesses and start-ups. The idea is to create focus and to prepare the mind for the day ahead.

Today’s jobs are demanding and challenging. It doesn’t matter if you are a white or blue collar worker, the chances that your job is either boring or overwhelming are high and most of us don’t know how to deal with this kind of work style in the long run.

Specially in a business environment, the individual is often seen as unimportant, replaceable and the most expensive part on the cost-side of a company. Supporting your staff to become the most valuable asset in your company is surely in the interest of every business owner.

In its core, meditation is about releasing the pressure, clearing the mind and coming back to being. In a way it is like resetting and preparing yourself for what ever comes next. There have been many studies about the power of meditation and we can safely say that the power of meditation is extraordinary.

For businesses having employees and partners who are prepared for the day, who can manage their stress level and are motivated is a real advantage. It must be in the interest of every business to support its employees to be the best they can be and promoting and supporting meditation is a very clever way to do so.

For you the power lies in identifying your own values and in coming back to your own self. It makes you whole and connects your body with your mind.

I have been practicing meditation for many years now and it has become part of my daily routine. In the same way as I go for a walk to exercise my body, I meditate to exercise my mind. In my business I encourage everyone from staff to partners and even my clients to engage in meditation before meetings or making important decisions.

Specially for start-ups I found it invaluable to make meditation part of the daily routine and to create a mind that is fit for the task.

If you run a company or a start-up and if you’re looking for ways to get the best out of yourself, your partners, your employees and your clients make meditation your core tool. Create an environment where physical and mental training are the norm and you will have an unbeatable team.

When was the last time you trained your mind?

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