Program. Learning on the go.

The best way to learn any skills is by practising them and putting the learned into action. It makes everything you learn work for you and allows you to adjust and make it yours. That’s why we created this program.

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Program. Explained.

The advantage of learning entrepreneurial skills over more traditional subjects is that they are not only relevant for people to start a business, but as well needed to create a successful career or start any project. In fact, having a wide range of business-relevant skills gained through studying entrepreneurship would make you an ideal candidate in most fields.

Skills taught in this learning program generally apply to all areas of business, career and life.

At the Entrepreneur Academy, we focus on training the skills and competencies needed for you to create a successful future for yourself and others. It’s all about the skills that allow you to create a future that fits you.

In other words, we help you to get the basics right for you to build your own path and successful career, business and life.

Unlike studying at a university or college, there is no age limit or other restrictions. All you need is the desire to change your life for the better and the willingness to put some effort into it.

Besides our Learning Programs, we manage several Alumni Groups for qualified students to explore entrepreneurship further or to train and practise specific skills to a higher level. Participation in those groups is available to all students who passed this Learning Program.

Table of Contents

For Who Is It?

This training is for graduates or students at the end of their studies, who want to find their first job or start their own business and are prepared to have some guidance in that process, as well as any individual looking for a new approach and a new start.

Why This Training?

EA is the one and only Entrepreneur Academy in Europe that is focusing on the skills entrepreneurs need to create and develop their own ideas and processes.  Our training is based on the research done by the European Commission Research Centre in Seville, Spain. As a stakeholder, EA has been involved in the EntreComp Framework for many years and based on that research and the many years of experience we hold, we created this program.

This program is based on the basics upon which everything else is built. It is the foundation of all our training and a must for all inspired entrepreneurs. If you plan your career, think about starting a business or want to get involved in any project, this program is the perfect starting point to your own success story.

The Skills

Value Ideas

Valuing Ideas

Ideas are great, and it can be a lot of fun to come up with new ones and play through different scenarios in your mind. But the best ideas and the ones that actually work are the ideas that create real value. Linking ideas to the value they might create is the skill to learn early on in your career as an entrepreneur.

We all know the famous quote from Henry Ford: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” He understood the real value of horses at the time and started building cars instead. It was clear to him that this would be of much higher value.

Creating value is much more than just having an idea, it is about identifying and confirming the value an idea might hold.

Goal: Make the most of ideas and opportunities

In Short:

  • Judging what value is in social, cultural and economic terms
  • Recognizing the potential an idea has for creating value
  • Identifying suitable ways of making the most out of it

Spot Opportunities

Spot Opportunities

Creating value is the core task of entrepreneurs. Finding the right opportunities to create that value is a great skill to master. It all comes down to your imagination and ability to identify those opportunities and create value.

This skill is more based on questions and less based on answers. Asking the right question opens doors and exposes the opportunities you look for. For that to work, you’ll need to be out there, not just physically, but with your mind as well. Being aware of what is going on around you is a good place to start.

Goal: Use your imagination and abilities to identify opportunities for creating value

In Short:

  • Identifying and seizing opportunities to create value by exploring the social, cultural and economic landscape
  • Identifying needs and challenges that need to be met
  • Establishing new connections and bringing together scattered elements of the landscape to create opportunities to create value

Be Financially & Economically Literate

Be Financially & Economically Literate

If money is the reason to start your business or not, it will be a major part of your adventure. Suppose you’re thinking about getting a loan from a bank, going through a Kickstarter campaign or want to attract investors. In that case, you will need to understand how money works—spending some time to learn about the history of money and how our banking and monetary systems work is a must for every entrepreneur.

But even more important is the ability to understand what value is and how it relates to money. As an entrepreneur, your main task will be to create value for your customers, but you also need to learn how to turn this value into real money. Taking financial decisions is what you will do all the time during your career and getting this right is essential for the future of your business or career.

Goal: Develop financial and economic know-how

In Short:

  • Estimating the cost of turning an idea into a value-creating activity
  • Planning, putting in place and evaluating financial decisions over time
  • Managing finances to make sure your value-creating activity can last over the long term
Take the Initiative

Take the Initiative

Let’s face it, without action nothing happens. If you want your business or career to take off, you will have to take the initiative and get into action.

In the beginning, there are many things you don’t know yet. You can think about it and plan for all eventualities as much as you like. There are too many unknown factors and variables to develop the right formula. Once you start to take action, you will get the feedback you need to fill in the gaps. Action is the key.

This does not mean you shouldn’t plan ahead. You need to start developing the formula and identify the unknowns. Once you’ve done that, you know exactly what is missing and you can get it by directing your actions to fill in the gaps. Planned actions make your ideas come alive.

Goal: Go for it

In Short:

  • Initiating processes that create value
  • Taking up challenges
  • Acting and working independently to achieve goals, sticking to intentions and carrying out planned tasks

Learn through Experience

Learn through Experience

New entrepreneurs don’t like to think about failure and are quick to try to forget what happened and just move on. While experienced entrepreneurs reflect on mishaps and understand failure as a learning exercise. Every entrepreneur goes through many mistakes; this is part of being an entrepreneur. If you can’t learn from any mistake you will make during your journey, you wasted a lot of time and effort on nothing.

Not only bad experiences are a lesson to learn, but also the good experiences hold a lot of information you can extract and learn from. Don’t just call it luck. Understand what happened and how you can repeat this process to get the most value out of it. This requires a very analytical approach. Something you can learn.

But you can learn from mistakes other entrepreneurs make as well. Having a mentor and coach is a great way to learn from their experiences, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Goal: Learn by doing

In Short:

  • Using any initiative for value creation as a learning opportunity
  • Learning with others, including peers and mentors
  • Reflecting and learning from both success and failure (your own and other people’s)

What do you need to join?

The program is based on remote learning. For that, you will need a device to connect to the internet and the ability to access our system. Having a quiet space during the sessions is advantageous and less distracting for you and your fellow students.

  • Duration: 12 sessions (you need to be available for a 3 months block)
  • Teaching language: English – B1 English Proficiency Level – intermediate (details on our info page here)
  • Skill Levels: 1-3
  • Program Requirements: No specific education requirements are needed. Anyone interested in gaining the entrepreneurial mindset and is willing to learn new things to qualify themselves better on the market. Minimum age: 18 years.

How does it work?

This course is a 3-month course consisting of a weekly training session, your research and homework and a weekly Q&A session.

Every month we have a test to assess what you’ve learned.

Based on those assessments, the homework and the participation in the Q&A sessions, you will receive a grading.

In the end, if you have passed, we will issue you with a certificate with your scoring to add to your CV.

Additionally, you automatically become a member of our Academy Alumni Group, which gives you monthly Q&A sessions, and discounts on further training and makes you part of a group of outstanding upcoming entrepreneurs.

Your Teacher

What you will have learned?

This program is our starter program and a must for every ongoing entrepreneur. It teaches the basics. But don’t underestimate the value you will gain for your career or business. We designed this starter program to be everything you need to get going the right way.

Your Certificate

At the end of your training, you will receive a graded certificate of competence in the following skill groups: 

  • Value Ideas
  • Spot Opportunities
  • Be Financially & Economically Literate
  • Take the Initiative
  • Learn Through Experience

These skill groups are part of the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, developed by the European Commission as a reference framework for what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and build the right mindset.

If you wish, we can make your certificate fully visible to any employer, business partner, bank, etc., which will make it very clear what you have learned and passed directly from the source. All certificates are fluid and automatically updated as you keep studying the skills of successful entrepreneurs.

Program Details

Start Date: 1st of September 2022
# Participants: max 10 students per group
Training Type: online training in the afternoon or evening, twice a week


Use the form below to submit your interest. We will invite you to a Q&A online session in which we will explain the details of the course and answer any questions you might have.

Entrepreneur Core Skill Program

This program provides you with the core skills for successful entrepreneurs
3-months course
  • max. 10 students per class
  • online training
  • afternoon/evening
  • two sessions per week
  • duration 3 months
  • training materials provided
  • tought skills described above
  • official training certificate
  • entry in EA database
  • alumni membership (see details)
Core Training