The Secret Key to a Successful Business

The Secret Key to a Successful Business


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The Secret Key to a Successful Business

Building a successful business in any market isn’t exactly as simple as creating a product or service, spread a few ads and wait for the money to roll in.
Building a business is actually more like an elusive journey to a prime destination. Different people take different paths to get there with unique twists and turns along the way. Sometimes the journey is gruelling, difficult, and frustrating. And, honestly, some people never make it. Although they may persist for years, the path they follow does not ultimately lead to their destination, so they travel in circles, beating the same broken path over and over again.
While no one can give you an exact map that will replicate a successful arrival at your destination every time, in this eBook I hope to give you the tools you need to begin creating your own map.
I’ll help you define your destination, develop a strategic path that will lead you there, and point you to resources that will help you navigate the territory through which you travel:

The Land Of Successful Entrepreneurs.

John di Stefano

What others are saying

The Entrepreneur Academy has provided me an environment where I can openly share my struggles and receive enough advice and inspiration to take meaningful next steps. I feel very confident about making my dreams come true.

Saori Nishida

Intercultural Business Consultant

I discovered that being an entrepreneur is not only about creating a business and making it run, it’s also about learning through the process of personal development and trying to be the best you can every day.

Jasser Dao

Founder Viva Brussels

The coaching sessions with John are always very productive. John really challenges our ideas. He helped us to focus on the next step to take without losing ourselves in big ideas and complexity.

Kristof Geldhof

Software Developer

As a novice in this field, the most important lesson that I’ve learned is that it all comes down to taking that first step towards your goal. Even if it’s a small one, it still counts. It’s the hardest, but most important. After that, everything will come together.

Cristian Roja

Engineer/Professional Gamer

The energy and attention that John gives you is second to none. I miss it when he is not there. His experience and knowledge of how entrepreneurship works can give anyone the edge when launching their own businesses. His hard hitting, no-nonsense approach leaves no room for being fluffy, he gets to the point, gives concrete advice and leaves you with the confidence to move forward

Andy Whittle

Event Host, Trainer / Co-Founder Imagination Club

What I enjoy when working with John is his Character. Always full of energy, able to have fun, positively gives you feedback that you can use, even if you don’t like it! John has a strong attitude about getting things done, so procrastinators be prepared for a dose of reality. For people that are ready to make the jump from dreaming about their project or business idea, to making it a reality, John is the man to move you forward.

Chalks Corriette

Creative - Fervor Program Office EU

Working with John has not only given me direction and insight, it has given me the encouragement to push past my fears. John is very clear that while knowledge and passion are crucial prerequisites for your business, it’s putting yourself out there, taking action and being consistent that will drive your success. It’s just like learning to swim, it’s not because you know how to do it in theory that you can do it. You need to have a goal and the determination to practice and you’ll get better every time you do until you can swim. John is great at reminding you of your goal and at fueling the determination.

Diana Siepmann

Health Coach

Starting a business for me was about taking what I believe in and giving it a form. It was about allowing myself to positively impact the world. As my coach, John has helped me in the process of clearly defining my beliefs, making them even stronger in order to ensure my business is long-lasting.

Ana Lazarecic

Career Coach

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