Shaping your destiny as an entrepreneur can be thrilling – but unlikely to be without a few scary moments! It can also be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever know. And it all begins with you!

The great thing about starting a business is that you are in charge and decide on the changes and direction you want to take – and this is one of the hallmarks of the entrepreneur.

When you are completely new to starting a business, you will find that you are constantly distracted by all the advice you get from everywhere. From friends, family, other business owners, the Internet and the constant bombardment via Social Media. All of them might mean well but it is still a huge drag and the bigger the pile of advice gets the harder it becomes to find a line through all of this.

Be brave. Be bold. Be yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with going it alone. It’s brave and it’s bold. But sometimes it’s easier if you have the right partner working with you in the same direction. But perhaps you find there just isn’t anyone with a similar interest or who you trust enough to team up. Often new start-ups also don’t really want to share the millions they’re going to make in a couple of years!

However if you do decide to go it alone you will need to become seriously analytical about your business. You’ll also need to be ready for action, immediate action – and no delay.

It’s going to be like jumping into cold water, getting straight out and then writing down the temperature, the general feeling and the result of the jump. This is not for everyone, but if you can do that your chances to succeed are very high.

You will need to be very clear about your priorities as well. But for that you will need to know them first. You’ll need to analyse other successful businesses in your field and figure out what works for them and what doesn’t. Picking out the nuggets you can act on straight away to get your business moving.

Experiment. Validate. Analyse.

The point is not to copy anyone, but to pick the bits that work for others and see how you can make those work for you. That will not always be easy, because you most likely won’t have the same resources and assets they have. But that can be your real advantage because this allows you to come up with new, improved and better ways to make it happen.

The most important part will be your ability to act without knowing the outcome. This requires a lot of experimenting and analysing with strength of character and belief in yourself. If you’re that type of person you’re going to have real fun making it happen.

Know the power of people

Surrounding yourself with people to support you – not only financially but also morally – goes a long way too. But ‘selling’ your ideas to friends or family can be quite removed from the cut and thrust of the real world.

Do they have hands-on experience in setting up a business model to scale your business? Do they have the skills to share and nurture with you to overcome the many obstacles you are likely to face?

That’s where you really should consider a business coach or mentor. Not so much a fairy godmother, but someone who can guide you and steer you clear of making those mistakes that have been the downfall of so many start-ups before you.

One of the biggest advantages of working with someone else is the accountability factor. If you’ve told someone that you’re going to do it, the chances that you’re actually doing it are much higher. Of course it depends on the partner.

So how can you create a successful business on your own?

  • Be very analytical about everything you do
  • Test everything and check if it works
  • Take action, straight away, no delay
  • Become very clear about your priorities
  • Learn the important things first by checking what others do in your market and make it better
  • Find someone to be accountable to
  • Get professional help if you can afford it. It will speed things up

But most of all enjoy the journey. Realize how much you learn every day, how you grow and in the end how much happier you become. Being an entrepreneur is the drive to improve oneself and living and enjoying the fruits of it all. Don’t forget, change always happens and it’s on you to decide if you welcome it or fight it. If you decide to welcome it you’re going to have the fun of your life.

Whatever you decide, enjoy the ride!

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