The EA Starter Guide for Entrepreneurs

Learn all about the first steps as entrepreneur and how to prepare for a successful future.


Here’s a little startup secret: if you understand the basics of entrepreneurship, you can start any business in any area you want and turn it into a success. With this knowledge you can concentrate on the opportunities right in front of you without worrying if it might work or not. It will only take you a couple of weeks to find out.

How does this all work?

Business is all about exchanging value with your customers. You provide a service or product and your customers pay you for it. Creating value is the core of every business and this is what you learn as entrepreneur.

What Is Entrepreneurship, Really?

Entrepreneurship is about the mindset of an individual who takes action towards a desirable future.  There are several types of entrepreneurship, but in their essence, they’re all very similar. The idea is to create value in exchange for financial means.

In other words, it all comes down to creating value.

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The best part is that it’s often much easier than you think to create value. You just need to know where to look and understand what value you, as entrepreneur, can create without years of preparations and lots of money.

So, all you have to do is create some product or service, put it on a website and wait for the money to come in….right?

Wrong. There’s so much more involved in creating real value people want to pay for, which is why most people who start up a business fail, or never really make it work good enough to fulfil their ambitions. I want you to succeed and create amazing businesses which work for you and your customers, which is why I am thankful you’re here.


I’ll help you define your destination, develop the skills and a strategy that will lead you to your own success story.
Fill in the details below discover your journey.

    Everybody can become an entrepreneur

    Entrepreneurship is something I’ve been involved in for most of my life. My parents were entrepreneurs and as soon as I was old enough, I started my own little business.

    Since then, I’ve been involved in many different businesses, starting from my first market stool to a full blown advertising agency. Today I run the Entrepreneur Academy, helping others to become successful entrepreneurs.

    Over the years as a business coach and analyst I learned to understand the importance of “Knowing the Basics” and I developed a process that allowed me to help others to start successful businesses.

    The best part of my job is in working with amazing people, pushing the limits and creating some amazing businesses on the way.

    In this 5 part series, I’ll teach you the basics of entrepreneurship and help you to prepare yourself for a successful future.

    Instead of jumping blind into a new business venture, I will share with you how to assess your situation and to look out for the right opportunities at your current stage,

    If you look at my history as entrepreneur you might get the impression that it was all quite straight forward. But this far from the truth. I had to overcome many hurdles on the way and it wasn’t always easy. But man, it was worth it.

    Entrepreneurship is often seen as a dangerous field to get involved in. Many people tried and failed. But this does not have to be like this.

    To make a difference and to show how it can be done, I created the Entrepreneur Academy to help others to get the basics right.

    This guide is part of it and we will cover the following areas:

    I know how amazing a life as entrepreneur can be when it’s done the right way, and I know what a difference it can make for you and your family to be excited about creating an amazing future for all involved.

    That’s why I’m rooting for you to succeed, and it’s why I put together this epic guide to entrepreneurship.

    It’s the guide I wish I’d had when I started my entrepreneurial journey over 30 years ago.

    Excited? Here’s what’s in store:

    Chapter 1

    How Entrepreneurship Works

    Chapter 2

    How To Identify The Right Business For You

    Chapter 3

    Business Case Study

    Chapter 4

    How To Avoid Business Mistakes

    Chapter 5

    Tools To Take Your Business To The Next Level

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