In true entrepreneurial style, you’re now running your own business. You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. You’ve established yourself. You know your competitors, your clients and your position within your market.

However, you are struggling to grow. You’re doing everything the big and the small guys in your market do, but you just don’t get the results you’re hoping for and you’re starting to wonder if you should even bother to grow and just accept the fact that you are where you are and you should be glad to have made it that far.

Stand out from the crowd

The main idea behind it is about identifying your core services and products and applying new ways to offer them to your clients. Giving them a twist that makes you stand out from the crowd and create new interest from potential customers. We are not talking about a special promotion or a discount here, but something far deeper then that, something with a Twist.

To make this Twist happen for yourself you need to step back and widen your view. Look at the brands, organizations or companies outside of your market – even global businesses such as Apple, Levis or McDonalds.

You may not like their products or services specifically, but they are very big and successful brands. Try to figure out what it is that makes them so successful. What stands out for you?

What are the first things that come to your mind when you think about them? What is their niche? How does their brand personality connect with you?

Now apply your observations to your own products and services. What could they be? Of course it depends on your market, but with a little imagination you can almost apply all of those points to any product or service, giving it a little twist and let them stand out from the rest in your market.

Dare to be curious

In the end it boils down to having fun with your business: experiment a little – and discover new opportunities. For that to happen, all you need to do is open up and look at everything around you. This is what your customers do.

Think of the ‘twists’ that you make as fine-tuning – the little things that can still make a measurable difference but without changing your business model. Now, go beyond the twists and start looking at the turns – those actions that can bring new direction and purpose to your business and more value to your customers and stakeholders.

Being curious doesn’t mean you have to step too far out of your comfort zone. But it does mean looking at things in a different way and being receptive to learning something new that gives a new edge to your business, a new way to connect with your customers and more opportunities to collaborate with partners and suppliers.

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