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The Power of Meditation in Business

Why is meditation such an important part of contemporary business culture? It’s not just about releasing pressure. It’s about creating a mind that’s fit for the task – and bringing value to the way you do business.

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Are You Willing?

I guess like most people you’ve set yourself some goals for this year and you will probably do the same for next year. Have you

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The Thing About Habits

Many books have been written about habits, starting with authors like Stephen R. Covey with his book “The seven habits of highly effective people” or

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How To Stay Motivated As A Start-Up

Starting a business is quite a task. There is so much to learn, to do and to take care of. Starting-up can be quite draining and leave you without any motivation or drive to keep going.

All first-time start-ups go through that process. If that is you, you’re certainly not alone. What if I would tell you that this doesn’t have to be like that? Starting-up can actually be really fun and very rewarding.

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You need to be an entrepreneur, if you want to or not!

Far from being an anachronism, the ‘job for life’ approach still has its appeal: working for one or two companies until retirement age and then living off a pension. But the ‘way of work’ has changed significantly in recent years in tandem with new generations of business minds. And whether starting out on our own or choosing the corporate lifestyle, there’s an entrepreneurial mind in us all.

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