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How To Be Perfectly Disorganized!

Remarkable as they are, our brains can only hold four to five things at a time. If everything we do is happening in our head, we have to make a decision which one is important enough at the time to be kept and which one we need to let go. So, how do we get organized when our brains are permanently overloaded?

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A Question Of Doubt

Did I really do the right thing? Why isn’t this working? If you feel like your business and life aren’t going to plan, then don’t let uncertainty get the better of you. Ask the right questions and you’ll find a solution.

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How To Stay Motivated As A Start-Up

Starting a business is quite a task. There is so much to learn, to do and to take care of. Starting-up can be quite draining and leave you without any motivation or drive to keep going.

All first-time start-ups go through that process. If that is you, you’re certainly not alone. What if I would tell you that this doesn’t have to be like that? Starting-up can actually be really fun and very rewarding.

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Career choices after 40

You don’t have to be an under-achiever or unhappy with your work. But there comes a time in life when you start to get those niggling thoughts about a new challenge. How would you prepare to change your career for the better?

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Why don’t you just ask!

Many of us are afraid to ask when we need something. Perhaps we don’t do it because we are afraid to get rejected – or because we just battle on to try to figure things out for ourselves. What stops you from asking for help when you need it?

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What will it take?

What will it take to start and run a business? Is it all about planning, goal-setting and working towards it? Well, not quite, but you’re almost there.

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