Working with John, even if for a few short sessions, has been refreshing, energizing and also (positively) challenging. His way of making us ask ourselves relevant questions, pushing us out of the comfort zone or from the "narrowing" mindset we tend to get into sometimes, has been a real eye-opener, shedding new perspectives on our current approach to the business model.

I truly valued his perspective on achieving anything: "if you want to get anything first you have to give something like that".

John is a genuine "giver": he constantly encourages you, shares valuable knowledge from his vast expertise...and even kicks you in the butt to get moving, if needed!

Thank you, John, it has been a real pleasure to know and work with you!
Mircea Marzan
MD, EMBA, Director, "Ana ASLAN" International Foundation
As a novice in this field, the most important lesson that I’ve learned is that it all comes down to taking that first step towards your goal. Even if it’s a small one, it still counts. It’s the hardest, but most important. After that, everything will come together.
Cristian Roja
The coaching sessions with John are always very productive. John really challenges our ideas. He forces us to focus on the next step to take without losing ourselves in big ideas and complexity. Among the things we learned are the importance of getting to know what the customer needs, building a product that fits perfectly this need, and focus on a niche market that we know well.
Kristof Geldhof
Software Developer
Working with the Entrepreneur Academy has not only given me direction and insight, it has given me the encouragement to push past my fears. Their team is very clear that while knowledge and passion are crucial prerequisites for your business, it’s putting yourself out there, taking action and being consistent that will drive your success.
Diana Siepmann
Health Coach
I discovered that being an entrepreneur is not only about creating a business and making it run, it’s also about learning through the process of personal development and trying to be the best you can every day.
Yasser Dao
Founder Viva Brussels
The energy and attention that John gives you is second to none. I miss it when he is not there. His experience and knowledge of how entrepreneurship works can give anyone the edge when launching their own businesses. His hard hitting, no-nonsense approach leaves no room for being fluffy, he gets to the point, gives concrete advice and leaves you with the confidence to move forward.
Andy Whittle
Event Host, Trainer / Co-Founder Imagination Club
What I enjoy when working with John is his Character. Always full of energy, able to have fun, positively gives you feedback that you can use, even if you don’t like it! John has a strong attitude about getting things done, so procrastinators be prepared for a dose of reality. For people that are ready to make the jump from dreaming about their project or business idea, to making it a reality, the Entrepreneur Academy is the perfect choice to move you forward.
Chalks Corriette
Creative - Fervor Program Office EU
John is a very enthusiastic person to work with, he shows experience in what he does and a huge willingness to help. The thing that I liked most to work with John is the passion that he demonstrates, being objective and resilient to untangle issues.
Marco Duarte
Digital Consultant


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