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I love learning new things and finding out about new ideas, trends, and social issues. To be more effective in learning, I decided a few years ago to sign-up to Audible and to listen to books. I can do this while in the car or when using public transport and I found it a great way of using my time.

This morning before leaving the house, I downloaded a new book on the block about money. It’s from Jen Sincero and its called “You are a badass in making money”.

Most of these books are the same. It’s always about mindset and how they made millions once they’ve got the point. This book started the same, but then Jen went into overdrive right at the beginning with statements like “Life is only worthwhile living when you’re rich”, and she firmly believes the only reason someone would disagree with her is if that person lives in denial like she did for so many years and is poor.

It annoyed me because I genuinely believe that all this has nothing to do with money. I am not saying making money or having money is a bad thing. No, it’s not. Money plays a significant role in everybody’s life, but it isn’t about money.

In her story Jen talks about her struggle of never having any money, living in a converted garage at the age of 40, trying to sell anything worth selling to survive and pretending that she is good at it.
In Jen’s life, money has played a significant role in a point where her thinking was only focused on money and nothing else.

We all know that what you focus on will most likely happen and because Jen focused on surviving, she survived. Once she started to focus on making money, she began to make money.
If you are focusing on getting the right relationship, you will get the right relationship.
If you focus on becoming a superstar, you will become a superstar.
I truly believe this and have seen it happen many, many times.

The reason I brought up Jen’s book is that she is missing the point when it comes to money. The problem with money has nothing to do with money but has everything to do with what we want the money for. Money is never the goal; it is one of the many means to achieve a goal.
I even find it dangerous to focus purely on money. Let’s say you want to drive a sports car if you think that buying one is the only way to drive a sports car you will have no choice than making money. But I can think of many ways to drive a sports car. I could start working at a sports car sales company and drive a sports car as part of my job all day. I could start a sports car parking business offering people with sports cars to park their cars safely and watch it while they are in meetings. Do you get my point?

Once you disengage from money new avenues, open up.

You might argue that you don’t own the cars, and that is a valid argument, but then you need to become clear what it is you want and define it. Why do you want to own it? If you dig down, it comes back to money (showing off, just being able to buy one).

A good example is a holiday. If you have money, you can afford a great holiday at amazing destinations in costly hotels. Sounds great, right? Well, it is excellent.
At one point, you return, and all you have left is your memory of the holiday. When you speak to people, what are you talking about? Do you talk about the things you’ve done, your experiences, etc.? Or are you talking about the money you’ve spent and the hotel didn’t stick up to your idea related to the price you’ve paid? Are you talking about the super hire car you were able to afford?

Do you get my point? The question is why you went on holiday in the first place. If you went there because you can, because you have the money and you’re proud of it, the chances that you enjoyed the holiday are very slim.

If you went there because of the things you’re going to experience, the culture you will become part of for the time of your holiday, the local food you’re going to enjoy, you most likely will have a fantastic holiday. And this part has very little to do with money.

I am not saying you can’t be rich and enjoy your holiday. Of course, you can. But you don’t enjoy your holiday because you’re rich.

To make this clear. I am a business coach and for most businesses making money is an essential factor and vital to sustaining the business. But for most businesses making money is not the reason the business exists. If you run a business you need to be aware of why you’re doing it besides money. Because if money is the only reason you will never really enjoy what you do.

What do you think about money?

John Di Stefano

An entrepreneur at heart and founder of the Entrepreneur Academy in Brussels, Belgium. He is teaching and supporting entrepreneurs in the skills every entrepreneur needs to create a better life for themselves and the people around them.

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