The Funnel System

The Funnel System

Last week during our weekly meet-up in Brussels we were talking about the perfect sales pitch and sales process to gain momentum in the market. We were looking at the different processes offered today by so many and we broke them down into their main steps. Almost all of them are based on what is called a funnel system.
Basically the idea is to throw out a very interesting offer to as many people as possible, give them something for free and in return ask for something very simple like a sign-up to a newsletter. This part is important, because it is the base for all the other actions and campaigns which should lead to a sale of some sort.

The next step is to talk about a more specific subject, slowly filtering out the people who could be interested and might be ready to buy.
The important part is to entice the prospect to a positive reaction. This can be a simple yes to a question or asking for an action that will create a positive feeling as a result.
The funnel becomes narrower by steering more specific to the sale itself while creating positive steps towards it.
The more sophisticated processes go a step further and not only filter out the right people for the sale but also make sure that the rest is not forgotten. Because on every level the prospect is asked for some sort of action, it is easy to see who left the funnel at what stage and is then moved to another funnel. The idea is not to let them go away without buying something, whatever it is they are ready to buy. There are even consortiums out there which share this information and swap prospects on the way.

I guess that anyone with a website uses a simple form of this system today. I use it on my website. You get a free book or do a free test if you sign-up to my newsletter. For most, myself included, it stops there. The idea of a funnel system is to take it a few steps further.

I am sure that most of us have fallen into the funnel ourselves in the past. How many emails do you get trying to sell you something or trying to make you do something in the last few month alone?
If we are really not interested or even annoyed about the mails, we might try to unsubscribe from the chain or mark it as spam to get filtered out. In my experience, most people just delete them. These are the best, because if they want to or not they read the headline and who knows maybe one day it will click.

I believe the reason why so many people use these systems is because they are so easy. You don’t need to speak to anyone, no sales pitching, nothing. Just create a website, put something, anything up for sale and start to promote using the funnel system. It’s very technical, doesn’t require many people skills and is cheap to set up.

The question of course is if they actually work. How difficult is it to create enough momentum to get it going and will it work in the long run?
For some it obviously does. They seem to be doing fine. They keep telling us how much money they make using their own systems. How easy it is to setup (just buy their course and you’re running) and how you can create a 6 digit income in a very short period of time. I leave it to you to figure out how many actually make any money with this.

What is your experience?

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