The Power of Now

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Beside the weather the most spoken about subject is time. We either don’t seem to have enough time because we are so busy or we are bored and time couldn’t go fast enough. Most of us live our lives on a time schedule.

We have appointments, deadlines or targets based on time and not to forget the most important phrase of all: Time is Money.

And there you have it. Our lives are controlled by time.

You could think this is normal. We are born at one time and die at another and everything in between is our time. Why do we think like this? What makes time so important?

No time like the present

If you could speak to a dog or a monkey and ask them what time it is, they would probably look at you confused and answer: NOW. The time is Now.

And they would be absolutely right. What other time is there? Have a look at your watch. What does it show you? It shows you now! What would be the point to show you tomorrow? What time should it show you tomorrow?

The only time of any importance or with any impact to your life is NOW. Whatever you do now is what is happening. What you are going to do tomorrow has not happened yet and might never happen. What you’ve done in the past has passed and cannot be changed. Whatever you think, hear, feel, see and do always happens now. Any change in your life can only be done now.

What about the past and the future?

Let this sink in and you will see what power the Now has. You can change anything in your life in an instant, right now. This is also the only time you can do this.

Too many people live in the past or the future and avoid with all their energy the Now. People living in the past are usually full of regrets, because they are longing for something that happened in the past and is no longer here. People living in the future are not happy with their current situation and found a dream land and literally moved in.

Some are so scared about their future that it completely controls what they do and feel. Both the past- and future-thinkers don’t realize the power they have right now to live the life they want. Time in its conventional meaning does not exist now. Now always is, it is the present when everything happens.

Time for a breather

Most of us are so conditioned to time that we cannot even see the Now anymore. When you read this, just stop for a moment and look around you. What do you see, hear or feel? Take it in. Take a deep breath and feel your lungs fill up.

In this moment nothing else has any importance. This is called being in the present. Fear, anger or hatred rely on time, either on what happened in the past or on what we think will happen in the future.

When you are in the present, none of it exists. You often hear people say to take a deep breath if things are difficult. It does work, because it brings you into the present where nothing is difficult.

Be aware of the things you do now. Not because it fulfills a dream or a goal, but because of itself. If you are stuck have a look around. Take in the Now. Embrace the feeling and take in what you see or hear. Be present and anger and fear are not there anymore. Life happens now and if you want to take part in it, be there Now!

John Di Stefano

An entrepreneur at heart and founder of the Entrepreneur Academy in Brussels, Belgium. He is teaching and supporting entrepreneurs in the skills every entrepreneur needs to create a better life for themselves and the people around them.

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