The road to success is littered with …

The road to success is littered with …

The road that unfolds before us was supposed to be leading us to the great river, crossing many countries from its spring to the Black Sea. As we were walking down the road I was told about the past of this strip of land. Not so long ago we could see vast arrays of vineyards here stretching from the village to the river, as well as fields of various cereal crops. As we were walking down the road now, we could only see some empty fields covered with weeds and here and there you could spot a few small crop fields struggling to grow in the harsh sunny climate. There was a small channel running along the road that was used for carrying the pipes for the irrigation of the fields all over this land. Water was brought from the river through these pipes that were stretching all the way to the village, delivering drinking water over there. All this was run by the state in a collective manner. The channel was empty now, or almost, we could only spot some bottles scattered around. The pipes and vineyards seemed to have vanished overnight.

Walking further down we were crossing a new paved road that is connecting main towns in the region. You have to be careful when crossing it, the cars are speeding both ways rushing to their destination. While looking careful we noticed new business sites appearing, storage facilities and gas stations.

Our country road continued after the short interruption and dragged us back into the country side landscape with bushes, houses and barking dogs guarding their backyards and ready to chase after us. As we continued we reached a wider area, and if you read so far, it is because you wanted to hear the end of the story, and the reason I told you all this is not the story itself, but why I wrote it.

The truth is, storytelling is one of the best techniques one can use to deliver a message. Storytelling is used in photography and videography to help convey a message, deliver information and make the viewer’s experience much more pleasant. And while doing this it achieves bigger impact. Whether you are creating a photo illustrated article, a video introduction, a video interview or a video documentary, a story can bring much more to the value of your message.

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