Are You Struggling With The Pandemic?

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There is nothing more exciting than to drive your own business into a success. As entrepreneurs, we know how hard you have to work to lead a successful business. Unusual situations and challenges can not only put your business to the test but will also put you as an entrepreneur and business owner at the edge of your seat constantly.

Those challenges aren’t what will define you or your business but how you react and overcome them will definitely determine how stable your business is and how determined you are to make it work.

A pandemic was probably not in the list of things that could challenge you or your business in the near foreseen future. You were probably ready for any type of situation but not very prepared for a global deadly virus.

If your first thought when you became aware of the impact that a pandemic would have on your business and your life was tremendously scary, to say the least, then you should know that’s completely normal.

Many people if not all of us, are going to be impacted by the current pandemic, either personally or professionally. Still, you must remain calm and somehow positive throughout these challenging times.

No one was prepared for it even though the reality of today is a little daunting for your business, it’s crucial that you remain calm and somehow positive in order to make the right decisions that will help to support your business and help you to keep going, and overcome the upcoming or current challenges imposed in your path by a pandemic.

Have you accepted what is happening?

Do not panic, we all know that times right now can be very stressful for you and your business, but if you panic, then you won’t be able to think clearly and make all the right decisions that will benefit the future outlook of your business.

One of the first things that you should do in an unusual situation is to accept what is happening because as a business owner you should be ahead of the game and in order to do that, you should know exactly where you stand in this exact moment.

Things might seem a little bleak or uncertain, but having a serious thought about the current situation can help you with a better judgment not only as an entrepreneur but also as a person. It’s easier to adapt to new situations if we are well aware of our current position.

Are you focusing on the problem or the solution?

Problems can be distraught for anyone but particularly if you are an entrepreneur. Mostly because in entrepreneurship your business is a part of who you are and at times it might be hard to separate the personal from the professional.

With such a powerful connection sometimes emotions are also intertwined and your decisions might get a little out of hand if you are a passionate person. In order to avoid getting overwhelmed by stressful situations such a pandemic, you should identify the things that are out of your control and you have no power to change from the things that you can change.

That will help you to prioritise as well as giving back some kind of control.

Are you adapting to the new normal?

Are you adapting your business to the new normal or are you waiting for what used to be normal? This is exactly the same thing as wanting different results but keep doing the same things. You can have the same results by doing something that used to work but no longer does.

You need to readjust and find ways to improve your business by adjusting the new normal. A pandemic can change lives like never thought possible so it might be useless to keep doing business as usual if things are not as usual.

Again identify what you can change in order to help your business to readjust to the unusual situation that we are all currently facing. If your customers or clients can’t go to you, can you reach them instead? Can you brand your business online? This isn’t time to quit but to reinvent.

Can you think out of the box?

Extreme situations call for extreme solutions. Times like these call for extraordinary measures to reinvent your business. You love what you do and your business is your creation but even masterpieces need a little retouching here and again.

It’s what makes you different from other people. It’s your uniqueness that will help you through a situation like this, so put it at good use. You might get surprised at how creative you can get when you allow yourself to think out of the normal.

Because truth be told these days that we are currently living is everything but normal. Allow yourself to think outside the box and try new things. Be open to learn and to experiment if you are able to because one of those ideas might just be what will set your business into success even during a pandemic.

Have you thought about quitting?

When we are stressed or face a daunting path, it’s normal to want to quit instead of facing reality and fighting back. That’s why you shouldn’t make decisions without really thinking about the consequences or possible solutions.

Giving up on your dreams can be devastating, that’s why I would never recommend it. Things might be hard and you perhaps are in a very delicate position as a business owner, but is quitting better than keep going? Maybe for a very short period but then regret sets in and you realize that you could have done more.

So instead of quitting, maybe you should give yourself a second chance and fight for what you believe. You have started this business for a reason, so isn’t that still worth fighting for? It’s okay to allow yourself to take a couple of days to get your strength back but then it’s time to go back to fight for what you believe and are passionate about.

Do you remember why you have started?

Do you recall when you decided to start as an entrepreneur? Do you remember how it felt? Wasn’t that worth fighting for? Is it still? Sometimes we need a little reminder of why we started in order to keep going.

At times where we can feel powerless and even considering to quit, we need a little reminder of the reasons why we started and kept going even when things weren’t easy.

Find those reasons and you might remind yourself why it’s important to keep fighting for your business even in the most challenging situations. Your failures and successes brought you here and you made it, you do have everything you need to win again.

Are you taking advantage of every opportunity?

Opportunities are all around us, you just need to look around and keep an open mind to see it. Keeping an open mind can help you to develop, grow, and most importantly to succeed.

Entrepreneurs are always learning and self-improving, so why stop now? Take advantage of the free time (if you have some) and learn new skills or create new opportunities for your business to thrive. Either by creating a new or bigger online presence or by adding extra value to your business.

Take advantage of every moment to develop. Even with a pandemic in our hands, the world is still pushing forward so don’t stay behind, keep going and keep getting better. Squeeze every last drop of opportunity that comes your way, don’t waste it.

Are you capable to succeed during a pandemic?

Without a doubt! There is no reason why you can’t succeed even with a pandemic. No one is you and no one can think like you so that’s your biggest asset. Your business is part of who you are so it’s also equally unique and it’s up to you to make a real change with it or do nothing at all.

Can you make a difference? Are you hungry for success? Do you want to be successful? I bet that you answered yes to all of those questions, so why aren’t you fighting your hardest? Entrepreneurs are fighters, survivors, and invincible. The moment that you decided to create your own business with your own vision, you became an inspiration.

So, do you have what it takes to succeed? Without a doubt!

What’s your plan?

After identifying what your situation looks like, and how you can adapt to the new normal, then it’s time to make a new plan with new goals. Don’t forget to set realistic goals that are achievable.

It might be good to reconsider to set some short term goals at first due to the uncertainty of how long we will be living life with a pandemic, but setting goals still should be a part of your mindset.

That will allow you to focus on the bigger picture, and to increase your productivity. Right now it might not seem like it but a few years from now, you will possibly look back at this moment and remember it by the great opportunities that you created rather than just a pandemic that threatened not only your life but your business as well.

You have what it takes to succeed at anything that you put your mind into, and challenges will always be constant no matter where you live, or which business you have, but what matters is the way you deal with those challenges and your perspective about the solutions or opportunities that can either take your business to the next level of success or not.

If you are struggling with how to set goals, or even with the lack of motivation, there are a lot of articles, podcasts, and videos available throughout this website.

Please have a look and feel free to reach out, and stay safe, but keep going, you got this!

John Di Stefano

An entrepreneur at heart and founder of the Entrepreneur Academy in Brussels, Belgium, this site is run by John di Stefano, teaching and supporting entrepreneurs to learn the skills every entrepreneur needs to create a better life for themselves and the people around them.

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