The Truth About Passion

The Truth About Passion

Do you still don’t know what to do with your life?

If you’re anything like I was, you’re probably jumping from one thing to the next in the hope that the next thing is going to be it. Searching for the one thing you’re really passionate about and that will keep you motivated and engaged for the rest of your life.

That is exactly what I did for many years, becoming increasingly frustrated and almost resigning to the fact that the thing called passion was not made for me.

This was until I read an article who’s author I forgot with one clear sentence in its core:

Passion is the result of actions and not the cause of it!

This was when I started to look at passion from a different perspective. If passion is generated by the things I do, I must be doing something wrong or for the wrong reason. I needed to look at the things I did or didn’t do.

What did I do?

Asking myself that question really brought it up and I had to admit to myself: Not so much!

Maybe the right questions to ask would be:

What do you want to do with your life?

If you had to leave the house every day in the morning not to return until the evening, what would you do and where would you go?

What will be your contribution to this world?

Lets face it, whatever the answers to these questions are there will always be times when it’s not going so well and you will go through some shit. So, other questions to ask would be:

What kind of shit would you like to go through?

How much are you willing to embarrass yourself?

In which area would you love to fail most?

For me answering these questions made me look at life more pro-actively. Instead of searching for some pre-defined and ultimate thing called passion, I decided to forget passion and look at the things I want and can do.

Since I’ve been acting that way, the idea that passion is based on actions started to make sense. Today I run the Entrepreneur Academy Europe and as time moves on and I am getting more and more involved and engaged, I can feel that push that makes me wanna get up.

I guess this it what is called passion.

Life is made of many facets and not all of them are great. Accepting the fact that life throughs you a bad moment from time to time is what makes it worth living.
We tend to put all the great things into the word passion, disregarding all the crap that happens around us. No wonder we can’t find it. This kind of passion doesn’t exist.

Once you accept life for what it is and decide on the role you want to play in it, passion gradually appears and creeps up on you from behind. One day you wake up and feel that irresistible urge that makes you do amazing things.
In the meantime don’t wait for it. Just do that crazy stuff that works for you and accept life for what it is, or better, what you make of it.

Enjoy the ride 🙂

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