ToDoIst – Task Manager

ToDoIst – Task Manager

TodoIst is one of the most wide-spread task managers out there. Until recently I have been a vivid user of Nozbe for my task management, but over the last few month I was trying a different breed of task manager. During my testing, I got hooked on ToDoIst.

It’s important for me to work with tools that work for me. Most apps out there are so complex and so badly designed that working with them is neither pleasant nor productive. ToDoIst has a different approach. Besides its beautiful design, it is so much more intuitive to work with. Additionally they have an add-on they call Karma. It’s meant to motivate you and tells you the tasks you completed including statistics and a ranking system. First I thought of it as little gimmick, but I really got used to it and I am starting to like it.

Another thing I really like is the integration with Siri on Apple and the equivalent on Android to add tasks just by talking. This really saves me lots of time. Adding a task via phone while on the go has always been difficult, but with the voice command options this has turned into real fun. Every time I see something worthwhile thinking about, it goes into my task manager to look further into it. It does free up my head without ever forgetting anything. All in the true spirit of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”.

Once you start using it to its fullest you start to realise the real power of it.

I also like the fact that there is just one yearly low payment for all your devices. I am hooked!

Check out their website for all the details.

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