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The Business Model Canvas is one of the tools I use with all my clients, without exception. It visualizes your idea as a business. It is straightforward to use once you understand the concept. It allows pivoting, playing through different scenarios, and shows you in one picture the expected result.
The tool itself is meant to be used as a massive poster with sticky notes, but some smart people came up with ideas and created several apps to play with on the go. These online versions are convenient if you work in a team at different locations and for me, as a business coach were, my clients are all over the world.

Below is a list of the apps that stuck out for me:

Strategyzer App
This app is developed by the creator of the Business Model Canvas and is very impressive.
It allows for a lot of options, including a calculator to see the financial viability of your plan.
It’s laid out to be used in a team and comes with a testing dashboard.
There are currently two plans available: Small Team ($299,99 + VAT/year) and Enterprise (on request).
I personally never signed up for it, but as it comes from the founders of Canvas, I would expect an amazing app.

Business Model Fiddle
This is a great variation, designed to work on small devices. I like the easiness of this app. It has some limitations, like no drag-and-drop, but this allows it to be more mobile-friendly. You can switch between canvas and list mode, attach assets and share a screenshot with anyone via a link. This is a free app, and it was the first I tried a few years ago.
My rating:

This is the tool I currently use. Developed by a small German team, it just reached version 2.0.
This is an important update and has convinced me to give it a go. It comes in full Bootstrap design (Twitter style) and is really made for large screens. It works on drag-and-drop and like Business Model Fiddle supports many different Canvas types. It allows exporting into various formats and comes as a free and premium version. The premium allows for 3 options Startup ($25,00/year), Standard ($75,00/year) and Enterprise ($500,00/year).
The only difference between the options is the number of collaborators and team workspaces. Unless you work in a large team and on multiple projects at the same time, the start-up version is perfect. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and like it. There are a few things the developers need to get right, but they seem to be very responsive, and it does what it needs to do.
My rating:

There are few more out there, but so far I tried the last two, and both work well.

If you have tried some yourself, let me know below and tell me your experience.

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