Headspace and Meditation

Headspace and Meditation

Business is 99% what you make of it. That means it all relies on you and you are responsible for it all. Taking care of yourself should be every entrepreneur’s primary concern. For me, meditation is part of it, and Headspace has become my meditation tool. It is a simple to use app which guides you through different meditation processes in an easy-to-follow manner. These guys did their homework.

From their site:

People have been meditating for thousands of years. While the practice isn’t new, science is just catching up to its benefits. At Headspace, our in-house science team is dedicated to understanding the benefits of meditation as measured and understood by modern medicine. They leverage existing and ongoing research of in-person mindfulness training while pioneering new research on the delivery of digital mindfulness training.

Check out my blog Meditation and going home/ about meditation to read how I use it and what it does to me. I’ve tried a few apps and online programs, but this is the one I got stuck with and which works for me.

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