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Business is 99% what you make of it. It means that all responsibility relies on you, which makes the journey a very stressful experience. So, taking care of our mental health should be every entrepreneur’s primary concern. For me, meditation is part of it, and Headspace has become my main tool.

It is an easy-to-use app, available for iOS and Android; it is especially great if you are a beginner. Headspace offers guided meditations, mindful workouts, and sleep techniques – step by step.

Meditation is an ancient technique scientifically proven to lower anxiety and improve your well-being. Even though meditation is rooted in Buddhism, Headspace offers exercises that are not tied to any religion in particular. Instead, their approach is modern, practical, and secular – based on medical research solely.

Some of the advantages this app offers include – daily reminders to practice, tracking your progress, free website content access, using sessions offline, monthly/yearly subscription, guided meditations, etc.

Check out my blog Meditation and going home/ about meditation to read how I use it and what it does to me. I’ve tried a few apps and online programs, but this is the one I got stuck with and which works for me.

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