While Dropbox is still a great tool and I am still using it for the most part, there are areas in my business that require a better security level. One of those areas is accounting and billing. We maintain an almost paperless office and exchange data and documents with our accountant via Sync.

Sync offers a great end-to-end encryption which is completely under our control. Our accountant has his own login and that way constant access to all files in view mode. We are also required by law to maintain most of our files for up to 10 years and Sync has turned out to be the best place for those files.

Sync offers 1 Terrabyte per user and can be extended to as high as you want. For our business 1 TB is enough as most of the files are PDF’s which don’t require much space. Prices are similar to Dropbox, but with the added security level, it is worth every penny.

There is one little drawback when it comes to searching through documents. Because Sync encrypts files on your machine before uploading to the server, searching through files requires downloading and decrypting. This does slow-down the process. That is also why we keep Dropbox at this stage. However, the security aspect is important to us, which makes Sync a core tool in our arsenal.

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