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ToDoIst is one of the most widespread task managers out there. With its simple, yet beautiful and highly functional design, the app has quickly caught attention. For me, personally, it’s of great importance to work with tools that work for me. However, most apps out there are so complex and poorly designed that working with them is neither pleasant nor productive.

As an entrepreneur, I guess you are looking for practicality and efficiency in a to-do app. ToDoIst is a cloud-based service that does most of the job for you; it provides effortless and reliable syncing with any device you use it on. That being said, it’s also important to mention that its interface is made to be easily used on all devices and platforms – Mac, iPhone, Android, personal computers, Windows, etc. ToDoIst keeps backups of your data automatically, and in case you use it offline, it does so as soon as you connect to the Internet.

Being a wonderfully productive app, ToDoIst does a great job at organizing not only your workload but also your private tasks. An interesting add-on it offers is called Karma and it’s used to motivate you and remind you of the tasks you have already completed. Some other excellent features would be – natural language input, collaboration features, tracking and reporting productivity, sorting and grouping tasks following the way that suits you, colour-coding your projects, dividing tasks into subtasks, offering a number of different reminders, etc.

Finally, the feature that I found particularly useful is that ToDoIst offers a wide range of plug-ins and integrations. They include Siri on Apple and the equivalent on Android – you can add tasks just by talking. A voice command option always comes in handy when you’re in a rush but want to free up your head without ever forgetting anything. All in the true spirit of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”. You can also use a browser plug-in and save web pages as tasks for later use.

Once you start using ToDoIst to its fullest, you begin to realize its real power. Check out their website for all the details.

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