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As a video creator, I use YouTube as my video platform in most cases. But for my training videos, I need a way to secure the video and restrict its viewing options to this site.
YouTube does not provide this option, but Vimeo does.
Vimeo goes far when it comes to security management. Besides the restriction to embed and view videos only on specific sites or even pages, you can also restrict viewing to particular users or followers, etc.
It’s the most versatile video platform I’ve seen so far. Also, the option to replace existing videos without the need to change the embed code is incredible. This way, I can update videos published on different sites without having to make any changes to the sites themselves.

Vimeo comes in different versions: Basic, Plus, Pro and Business.
The basic version is free but restricted to only 500Mb upload per week, while the paid versions start from 5Gb to no limit per week.
Vimeo is only useful for serious video creators who do not want to rely on YouTube and produce sellable content they need to secure.

I use the pro version, which gives me 20Gb upload per week and many other additional features. At around 180 Euro per year, it’s quickly recovered, and the service and support are excellent.

From their website:

Why would I pay for video hosting, when I can get it for nothing?
Free Basic membership on Vimeo is pretty great, but if you want priority support, tons more storage, advanced privacy control, player customisation, and other professional tools, Vimeo Plus, PRO, and Business are for you. And unlike YouTube, we never put ads before, on top of, or after your videos.

Do you provide unlimited bandwidth at no extra cost?
Yes! We do! All our members get unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player, included in the cost of their monthly or annual membership. While other vendors charge extra for bandwidth or plays, we’re all about your videos being as successful as possible — and we don’t penalise you for it. For those on a tight budget, this is especially good news: you’ll never encounter surprise charges for overages, so long as you’re using our gorgeous player.

Is Vimeo Basic just a free trial?
Nope. Vimeo Basic is perfect for individuals who want to join our fantastic community, but who might not be uploading tons of HD videos each week. If that sounds like you, you might never pay a dime for Vimeo. Creators and businesses often upgrade to Vimeo Plus, PRO, or Business because they find they want to store more videos, get advanced player customisation and privacy options, access powerful marketing and analytics tools, and more.

Can I cancel anytime?
You have up to 30 days to get a full refund for an annual membership. If you no longer need the added benefits of Plus, PRO, or Business, you can downgrade back to Basic.

Will viewers see third-party ads on my videos?
No. Your work will never be tarnished by in-video ads. That’s right — no pre-roll, post-roll, or overlays. On Vimeo, you can present your work in precisely the way you want.

What happens if I go over my storage limit?
Should you hit your storage limit, you can upgrade to Vimeo Plus, PRO, PRO Unlimited, or Business. Members of these plans get tons more storage, in addition to advanced customisation and powerful marketing and analytics tools than Vimeo Basic members.

Do you have duration or file-size restrictions?
No way! Unlike other video-hosting platforms, there are no file-size or duration limits up to your weekly or total storage limit.

Can I upload commercial content?
Yes, but you’ll need to upgrade to Vimeo PRO or Business.

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