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Imagine being able to manage your own career or start any project or business while knowing what to do and helping yourself and other people on the way.

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Entrepreneurship is about the mindset of an individual who takes actions towards a desirable future!

Studying. At the Entrepreneur Academy.

At the Entrepreneur Academy, we focus on training the skills and competencies needed for you to create a successful future for yourself and others. It’s all about the skills that allow you to create a future that fits you.

In other words, we help you to get the basics right for you to build your own path and successful career, business and life.

Unlike studying at a university or college, there is no age limit or other restrictions. All you need is the desire to change your life for the better and the willingness to put some effort into it.

Besides our Learning Programs, we manage several Alumni Groups for qualified students to explore entrepreneurship further or to train and practise specific skills to a higher level. Participation in those groups is available to all students who passed one or more of our Learning Programs.

Our Curriculum is based on 60 skills divided into 15  skill groups. For each skill, we have up to eight training levels. (Please find more detailed information here)

The first three levels are part of Learning Programs. The other five levels are trained and practised in our Alumni Groups.

Table of Contents

Competencies. Three skill sections.

As mentioned above, we defined 15 core entrepreneurial skill groups divided into three skill sections.

There is no specific order on where to start. The idea is to start with the skills you are most interested in. Then, during your training, you will learn how they all interact. It doesn’t mean you need to study and practice all of them before you feel comfortable on your entrepreneurial journey. Instead, you select the program which contains the most essential skills for the stage you’re at and you take it from there. If you are not sure what skills would be best for you, we suggest choosing one of our programs to start with. Those are designed to get you started on the right track and contain the skills that have shown to be the most valuable for new entrepreneurs.

Note: Selecting any of the groups will bring you to the individual pages, describing the skills included and what you can expect to get out of it.

Skill Section. Ideas and Opportunities.

Spot Opportunities

Use your imagination and abilities to identify opportunities for creating value.

  • identify, create and seize opportunities
  • Focus on challenges
  • uncover needs
  • analyse the context

Be Creative

develop creative and purposeful ideas.

  • be curious
  • develop ideas
  • define problems
  • design value
  • be innovative

Value Ideas

make the most of your ideas and opportunities.

  • recognise the value of ideas
  • share and protect ideas

Create a Vision

work towards your vision of the future..

  • imagine
  • think strategically
  • guide action

Behave Ethically & Think Sustainably

assess the consequences and impact of ideas, opportunities and actions..

  • behave ethically
  • think sustainably
  • assess impact
  • be accountable

Skill Section. Resources.

Be Motivated & Persevere

stay focused and don’t give up.

  • stay driven
  • be determined
  • focus on what keeps you motivated
  • be resilient
  • don't give up

Be Self-Aware & Believe in Yourself

trust yourself and keep developing.

  • follow your aspirations
  • identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • believe in your ability
  • shape your future

Mobilise Resources

gather and manage the resources you need.

  • manage resources (material and nonmaterial)
  • use resources responsibly
  • make the most of your time
  • get support

Be Financially & Economically Literate

develop financial and economic know-how.

  • understand economic and financial concepts
  • Understand and plan budgets
  • find funding
  • understand taxation

Mobilise Others

inspire, enthuse and get others on board.

  • inspire and get inspired
  • persuade
  • communicate effectively
  • use media effectively

Skill Section. Into Action.

Learn through Experience

learn by doing.

  • reflect
  • learn to learn
  • learn from experience

Work with Others

team up, collaborate and network.

  • develop emotional intelligence
  • listen actively
  • team up
  • work together
  • expand your network

Plan & Manage

prioritise, organise and follow up.

  • define goals
  • plan and organise
  • develop sustainable business plans
  • define priorities
  • monitor your progress

Take the Initiative

go for it.

  • take responsibility
  • work independently
  • take action

Cope with Ambiguity, Uncertainty & Risk

be decisive when dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk.

  • cope with uncertainty and ambiguitys
  • calculate risks
  • managing risks

Action. What to do next.

The Program

Whatever your future ideas are, learning the skills of an entrepreneur will make that journey easier, more interesting and exciting.

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