Create a Vision

Create a Vision

Main goal: Work towards your vision of the future

There are two ways to come up with a vision for the future. You can either look at the actions you take today and imagine how this will impact the future, or you start with the future and look at the actions you’ll need to take to make that future happen. Either way, you will have a picture of a possible future.

It is on you to decide if that future picture is something you like to look at and something you can be proud of. New entrepreneurs often struggle with this. They are dealing with too many unknowns to create a clear picture in their mind or even to figure out the action steps needed to get there. But again, this is something you can learn and become really good at.

It all has to do with perspective and aligning the level of a possible future picture with the same level of actions. Once you get this right it becomes very easy to identify the needed actions to get where you want to go. In short, developing a vision is about:
  • Imagining the future
  • Developing a vision for turning ideas into action
  • Visualizing future scenarios to help guide effort and action
Let’s look at each skill and see what each level will bring you:


Level Ability
1 I can imagine a desirable future
2 I can develop simple future scenarios where value is created for my community and surroundings.
3 I can develop (alone or with others) an inspiring vision for the future that involves others.
4 I can build future scenarios around my value-creating activity.
5 I can use my understanding of the context to identify different strategic visions for creating value.
6 I can discuss my (or my team’s) strategic vision for creating value.
7 I can develop (alone or with others) and compare different future scenarios.
8 I can show different audiences the benefits of my vision during turbulent times.

Think Strategically

Level Ability
1 N/A
2 N/A
3 I can explain what a vision is and what purpose it serves.
4 I am aware of what is needed to build a vision.
5 I can explain the role of a vision statement in strategic planning.
6 I can prepare a vision statement for my (or my team’s) value-creating activity that guides internal decision-making throughout the whole process of creating value.
7 I can plan backwards from my vision to design the necessary strategy to achieve it.
8 I can encourage enthusiasm and a sense of belonging around a convincing vision.

Assess Impact

Level Ability
1 N/A
2 N/A
3 My vision for creating value drives me to make the effort to turn ideas into action.
4 I can decide what type of vision for creating value I would like to contribute.
5 I can identify the changes needed to achieve my vision.
6 I can promote initiatives for change and transformation that contribute to my vision.
7 I can identify challenges related to my (or my team’s) vision while respecting the different levels of the system and the variety of stakeholders affected.
8 I can create (alone or with others) a ‘roadmap’ based on my vision for creating value.


If you are interested in learning and practising this skill group, please use the form on this page and tell us about it. We use this info for our planning for future programs and we will keep you up-to-date about it.

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