Mobilise Others

Mobilise Others

Main goal: Inspire, enthuse and get others on board

Even in the early stages of a business, you will need to work with others. Those are either your clients, potential business partners, suppliers or even your own family and friends. You very likely need help and support very early on. This means you have to understand what you need to do or what you need to give to get this help and support.

Knowing how to approach others and get them excited about your business is one of the core skills you must practice as early as possible. Your business relies on others, so understanding those others is key. But it is also important to filter the ones who are really valuable to your business, which is a skill on its own.

It all starts with great communication skills and goes all along to great negotiation skills. You will need all of this to mobilize others to help you. A key factor here is not to convince others to work for you, but to demonstrate the value you will create for them so they want to work with you. As you can see it all goes towards the value you create for yourself and for others.

In short, mobilising others is about:

  • Inspiring and enthusing relevant stakeholders
  • Getting the support needed to achieve valuable outcomes
  • Demonstrating effective communication, persuasion, negotiation, and leadership

Let’s look at each skill and see what each level will bring you:

Inspire And Get Inspired

Level Ability
1 I show enthusiasm for challenges.
2 I am actively involved in creating value for others.
3 I do not get discouraged by difficulties.
4 I can lead by example.
5 I can get an endorsement from others to support my value-creating activity.
6 I can inspire others, despite challenging circumstances.
7 I can maintain momentum with my team, partners and stakeholders when involved in a challenging situation.
8 I can form coalitions to turn ideas into action.


Level Ability
1 N/A
2 I can persuade others by providing a number of arguments.
3 I can persuade others by providing evidence for my arguments.
4 I can persuade others by appealing to their emotions
5 I can pitch effectively in front of potential investors or donors.
6 I can overcome resistance from those who will be affected by my (or my (team’s) vision, innovative approach, and value-creating activity.
7 I can create a call to action that gets internal stakeholders on board, such as co-workers, partners, employees or senior managers.
8 I can negotiate support for ideas for creating value.

Communicate Effectively

Level Ability
1 I can communicate my ideas clearly to others.
2 I can communicate my team’s ideas to others persuasively by using different methods (for example posters, videos, and role-play).
3 I can communicate imaginative design solutions.
4 I can communicate the value of my (or my team’s) idea to stakeholders from different backgrounds effectively.
5 I can communicate the vision for my (or my team’s) venture in a way that inspires and persuades external groups, such as funders, partner organisations, volunteers, new members and affiliate supporters.
6 I can produce narratives and scenarios that motivate, inspire and direct people.
7 I can take part in constructive discussions with the community that my idea is targeted towards.
8 I can get all relevant stakeholders to take responsibility to act on an opportunity for value creation.

Use Media Effectively

Level Ability
1 I can provide examples of inspiring communication campaigns.
2 I can discuss how different media can be used to reach audiences in different ways.
3 I can use various methods, including social media, to communicate value-creating ideas effectively.
4 I can use media appropriately, showing that I am aware of my audience and purpose.
5 I can influence opinions in relation to my value-creating activity, through a planned approach to social media.
6 I can design effective social media campaigns to mobilize people in relation to my (or my team’s) value-creating activity.
7 I can define a communication strategy to mobilize people in relation to my (or my team’s) value-creating activity.
8 I can sustain and increase the support for my vision.


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