Take the Initiative

Take the Initiative

Main goal: Go for it

Let’s face it, without action nothing happens. If you want your business to take off, you will have to take the initiative and get into action.

In the beginning, there are a lot of things you don’t know yet. You can think about it and plan for all eventualities as much as you like. There are too many unknown factors and variables to come up with the right formula. Once you start to take action, you will get the feedback you need to fill in the gaps. Action is the key.

This does not mean you shouldn’t plan ahead. You need to start developing the formula and identify the unknowns. Once you’ve done that, you know exactly what is missing and you can get it by directing your actions to fill in the gaps. Planned actions make your dreams come alive.

In short, taking the initiative is about:

  • Initiating processes that create value
  • Taking up challenges
  • Acting and working independently to achieve goals, sticking to intentions and carrying out planned tasks

Let’s look at each skill and see what each level will bring you:

Take Responsibility

Level Ability
1 I can carry out the tasks I am given responsibly.
2 I am comfortable taking responsibility for shared activities.
3 I can take individual and group responsibility to carry out simple tasks in value-creating activities.
4 I can take individual and group responsibility in value-creating activities.
5 I can encourage others to take responsibility for value-creating activities.
6 I can break down a value chain into its different parts and identify how value is added in each part.
7 I take responsibility for complex value-creating activities.
8 I can take responsibility for seizing new opportunities and when facing unprecedented challenges in value-creating activities.

Work Independently

Level Ability
1 I show some independence in carrying out tasks I am given.
2 I can work independently in simple value-creating activities.
3 I can initiate simple value-creating activities.
4 I am driven by the possibility of being able to initiate value-creating activities independently.
5 I can initiate value-creating activities alone and with others.
6 I can help others work independently.
7 I praise initiatives taken by others and reward them appropriately within my team and organisation.
8 N/A

Take Action

Level Ability
1 I can have a go at solving problems that affect my surroundings.
2 I show initiative in dealing with problems that affect my community.
3 I actively face challenges, solve problems and seize opportunities to create value.
4 N/A
5 I take action on new ideas and opportunities, which will add value to a new or existing value-creating venture.
6 I value others taking the initiative in solving problems and creating value.
7 I can encourage others to take the initiative in solving problems and creating value within my team and organisation.
8 N/A


If you are interested in learning and practising this skill group, please use the form on this page and tell us about it. We use this info for our planning for future programs and we will keep you up-to-date about it.

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