Few entrepreneurs will have escaped one of the most basic tenets of marketing in which we “sell the sizzle, not the sausage”.

Straight away, we know that it’s the smell, the sound and the anticipation that our hunger is going to be satisfied that’s influenced our decision to buy the humble sausage. The value created is perceived as being above the monetary value of the purchase.

Creating that value is the key to success. It’s where your business and purpose begin. Creating and delivering value to your customers generates your revenue stream. Without value creation, a business cannot exist.

Revenue is value for money

Whether you’re business provides small pockets of value (a thirst-quenching drink) to many people or high value (performance sports car) to few people, your revenue – and profits – actually represent the value that you have introduced to your customers’ lives. You’ve solved a problem – and it’s all about value!

That’s a general theory in business. But for the entrepreneur, the challenges are greater. First, you have to identify your niche market: what problem are you going to solve? Then you have to create the value in the product or service that’s going to satisfy the demand that you’re going to create.

Putting value creation to work

If value creation is to work successfully, it needs to be applied and then ingrained to every aspect of your business: through innovation, financing, marketing, sales and the actual delivery of the promised value to your customers.

And that’s where the Entrepreneur Academy can help.

We’ve seen (and helped) many businesses that have run up against the wall because their wild enthusiasm, lack of focus and even personal and business skills were off centre.

Whether you’re starting out, already established or just need to create more value in everything you do, we’re here to advise and support in every way we can to make your business scalable, sustainable and successful.

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