6 Vital Questions For Entrepreneurs

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There are six crucial things every successful entrepreneur has under control. These are the things they are absolutely clear about. In today’s video, I break them down and explain each one to help you answer these for yourself.

There are, of course, additional questions we tackle here, as well. But, they are all related to one of these six points I talk about. Overall, in this video, I talk about the importance of being present in a moment and how it improves the quality of our work. Then, I discuss how I define myself and why everyone should give a clear definition of how they see themselves. Also, I explain why we should pay more attention to our physical fitness and how it relates directly to our minds. Then, I cover the topic of focus and determination – how and why we should know what our mission for the day is, and so on. Next, I talk about the art of having a conversation and engaging fully with the person we talk to and how it can change the game completely. Probably the most important topic I talk about is our purpose – how we find it and what it means for an entrepreneur.

If you’re interested in the topics I discuss, I encourage you to go to our website and have a look at the courses we are offering and sign up. We teach these things in depth there, and we’d love to see you become part of our team.

But, for now, I would like to know your answers to these questions. So, watch this video and share in the comments how you came up with your answers and which of these points you find the most relevant.

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