How To Set Goals

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Today’s video is our goal section. I talk about how to set the right goal and how to even define a goal in the first place. Then, I draw a line between “smart goals” and “dumb goals” and explain the difference. If you easily lose sight of your goals or get discouraged in the process, I hope you pick up some useful tips from this session.

I explain everything that a goal is as opposed to what it’s not, listing both things for comparison. This list gives me a clear image and helps when setting new goals.

Next, two important items on our list are “smart goals” and what I call “dumb goals”. I explain the difference and my take on where our focus should be in order to encourage growth and progress. In relation to “dumb goals”, I explain terms, such as:

  • dream-driven goals;
  • Method-friendly goals;
  • Behaviour-triggered goals;

In the end, I talk about the reason why most people don’t achieve their goals and how to fix that, the value your goal creates, the importance of consistency and reflection, and so on.

I hope this video gives you an insight into what setting a goal is and that it helps you achieve your goals more easily. I encourage you to imagine big things today and feel free to leave a comment and tell me what your goals are and how you stay focused on them.

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