How to stay positive

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Welcome to another episode of personal development for start-ups!

My experience working with clients has taught me how easy it is to fall into the trap of a so-called thinking tornado – an uncontrollable chain of thoughts that seems impossible to escape.

So, in this video, I will tell you how I get out of it and how I stay motivated when things don’t turn out the way I imagined.

I will teach you some tricks that you can use to quickly improve your mood when you’re feeling down. Then, I explain the mind and body connection and how it works both ways – helping us control the way we feel by changing the way we physically are.

As simple as it sounds, those are some tricks motivational speakers have been using for years. Now, you can learn and apply them to yourself to improve your productivity!

I have found that this process takes longer for some people, while it takes much shorter for others, depending on our current mindset, but regardless, it always works in the end.

I hope you enjoy today’s video and pick up some useful tips. I am looking forward to hearing about your experience. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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