Living With Frustrations And Motivations

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In this Q&A session, we tackle two exciting topics – frustration and motivation.

In the first one, I give my take on how I see frustration, what it means for my productivity, how I define it from a positive perspective and see it as something useful, and so on. I also try to explain the difference between the frustration you feel at the beginning of the learning process and the frustration you feel after a while. If you struggle with this feeling and are looking for ways to overcome it, I suggest you watch this video.

In the second one, I explain the way I work, how I keep myself motivated, the importance of change in attitude, and the way I do things. Next, I give you a brief summary of the three roles we all have – entrepreneur, manager, and worker, and why they are relevant for finding motivation every day. Additionally, I explain how I keep my focus through meditation, how I quickly find my way out of feeling demotivated, and why I exercise every morning.

I’m interested in learning about your experience. Do you struggle with frustration? And how do you find motivation every day? Feel free to write a comment below. Also, if you have any other questions, you can send them, I will be happy to answer them.

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