Setting Goals During A Crisis

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How to stay on track and figuring it out

In this video, we discuss a very important topic for most people. We are currently in the middle of a global crisis, which is so stressful for everyone that we simply tend to forget to focus on the things we want and the direction we want to go because we are so overcome by fear.

We understand it’s hard; you’re thrown out of everything you have created for yourself, and most of you probably feel lost at the moment. This video will help you take a break and reflect on your situation in order to realise what is the next action you can take. It’s important to assess the situation we’re in, whether it’s good or bad, so we know which path to take because, at the end of the day, all we have is right now. Past is in the past, and the future is yet to come.

We also tackle goals and talk about the definition of “a goal”. Is it the final destination, or just a direction? Is it something we achieve, or is it a process itself? You will learn how not to lose sight of your goals in a crisis and what changes when the circumstances change. How does a crisis help you use all your potential and knowledge? How can a crisis be a silver lining in this situation?

Watch this video, and then sign up because maybe we can help you. We’d love to do that; that’s why the Entrepreneur Academy exists. Times are hard, but we can help you learn how to step back and spot new opportunities in every situation life may put you.

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