Our videos provide a practical resource of tips and techniques wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey.

Learn about how to find – and retain – customers. How to establish a set of business principles that will bring more focus to your personal and business development. And how a business coach can play such an important role in the progress and prosperity of your business for the future.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

In this video, I explain the entrepreneurial mindset. Why do we need entrepreneurs and what makes them different and stand out? Talking about my passion and drive to introduce entrepreneurship for everyone and explaining what the Entrepreneur Academy exists.

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How To Start A Business During A Crisis

Starting a Business is difficult at all times, but during this crisis, most people would think you’re crazy to start one right now. If that is you and you’re looking for some inspiration, facts, and ideas on how to get it right, this video might just be right for you.

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Setting Goals During A Crisis

This video is all about dealing with difficult situations and how to stay focused on your goals and find the right opportunities. It all starts with looking at the facts and writing them down somewhere. The next step is about pausing and assessing what is really going on. After that, it is all about finding the opportunity. Watch it now…

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Networking During A Crisis

Staying in touch with people is important for anyone. But it is not easy at the moment. We are hidden in our home office, hardly get out, and only talk to people if we have to online. So what can we do to connect keep connections with others? In this video, I will give you a few hints on how you could do this.

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Why Time Management Doesn’t Work

There are so many books written about time management that I thought it might be time to break that myth and show you that time management is not even possible. Let me show you some other ways to manage your life in the time you have available.

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How to Find a Job During a Crisis

Finding a job can be very difficult, depending on which part of Europe you live and your value in the job market. In this video, I talk about things you can do to find a job, how to prepare, and how to set your mind straight.

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How To Overcome Fear As An Entrepreneur

Ironically, frustration is a good sign. It means that things are happening in your business – even if they’re not all good. And being able to manage and overcome the frustration of being out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways of keeping fear at bay.

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