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About Personality Profiles

In this video, I talk about the importance of personality profiles for your business. I try to help you define what qualities and drawbacks you might have, to be aware of yourself first. Then, you can test your coworkers and use their qualities/drawbacks to your advantage in order to do business well.

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6 Vital Questions For Entrepreneurs

There are six crucial things every successful entrepreneur has under control. These are the things they are absolutely clear about. In today’s video, I break them down and explain each one to help you answer these for yourself.

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How To Set Goals

I talk about how to set the right goal and how to even define a goal in the first place. Then, I draw a line between “smart goals” and “dumb goals” and explain the difference.

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How To Sell The Right Way

In this video, we explore one of the most intriguing questions: How do successful people sell? And, what are the skills that could make just anyone the best salesperson ever?

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How To Overcome Fear As An Entrepreneur

Ironically, frustration is a good sign. It means that things are happening in your business – even if they’re not all good. And being able to manage and overcome the frustration of being out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways of keeping fear at bay.

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How to create a great Business Partnership?

We talk about some basic struggles people face when trying to find a business partner, such as where you can find such a person and how you can trust them with your idea, why you might need a business partner, what skills you need in order to attract a reliable business partner.

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