Who needs an elevator?

Who needs an elevator?

We live in a nice comfortable apartment, the rooms are tall and there is a lot of space. The view is nice, we are on the 4th floor, people tend to look smaller from up here. We go in and out all the time, we like moving.
One day we got notified that the elevator would stop working soon, it needed to be replaced with a new one. No problem, we said. We are fine, we can walk, we can climb stairs.
Until the day came, and we were faced with carrying big luggages down and up the stairs. Well, even for us alone, it was not as easy as we thought.
Well, we have no choice now, we said, that’s gonna be awful. Well …, and it was for a short while. But after a couple of weeks we started to see a difference, it was not so bad anymore, we kind of started liking it. So, what has changed? it seemed like a bad thing before, we didn’t want the elevator to stop working. No, we changed, we just got a bit more in shape.
So, I’m thinking now, maybe I should do something to make sure the elevator stays broken; maybe I should. In fact, I don’t have to, I don’t have to use it at all.
Imagine the elevator is your job, and one day the company will close the doors. Should you reach for your pocket and spend the big bucks trying to fix the elevator? There is nothing wrong with the elevator, it was meant to get broken at some point, and it’s good news it just happened. So now you just need to find some stairs, or a ladder, or even a rope. Or maybe you can move somewhere on the ground floor.

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  1. Nice analogy.

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