Why being accountable works

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Last week I decided to start going to the gym and doing something for my figure.

A few years ago I was a regular gym-goer, but for some reason, I got lost in work and family life and stopped going. I can’t even remember how it happened.

And yes, I am aware that getting lost in work and family life is just an excuse for an explanation. But it does explain a shift of focus and priorities along the line. I just wasn’t controlling it.

After being reminded of this looking in the mirror every day and struggling with little health issues, it brought it back on the list and it became a priority.

The thing is that my work and family life should not go on the back burner. It’s far too important for that. That brings the question: How can I get back to that in the long term while not losing my focus on family and work?

I guess the only way would be to find a good way to organize it – without having to think about it too much.

No room for excuses anymore

One way could be to get a personal trainer with who I plan my strategy, set my goals and plan my training days. This way I just need to turn up and do it. I’d most likely turn up as the trainer is waiting for me and I like to keep appointments with others.

It seems to be harder if the appointment is just with myself. Like most of us, it’s quite easy to lie to myself and to find excuses for not doing what I promised myself to do. It is much harder when other people are involved.

Additionally, we are social creatures and working out with someone else is far more fun than training on your own. This is a very good example of a working accountability relationship.

For that reason I think I will go for the personal trainer option!

In such a scenario it is easy to decide what to do, but if you translate this into other areas of your life it becomes more difficult.

Let’s say you want to grow your business and you aim to achieve a specific goal by the end of the year. You know what you want and you could break it down into smaller steps, the chances that you will get distracted on the way are very high if you rely just on yourself.

Imagine you could have a personal trainer who will understand what you’re trying to achieve. Imagine a person with the experience who can help you to set up a plan that fits into your daily life. A person who is there at every step on the way keeping you focused on the goal when it’s needed.

Do you think that you would increase your chances to actually achieve your goal?

Like in personal training where you still have to do the hard work to get into shape, also in Business you still have to do the work, but you won’t be alone. You will have someone on your side keeping you on track, motivating you when it becomes difficult and cheering with you when it all works fine. In short, you’re not on your own.

And because of this you are far more likely to achieve your goal and be successful.

This is what accountability does – and it works!

If you’re struggling to achieve the goals you’ve set out for yourself, think about it!

John Di Stefano

An entrepreneur at heart and founder of the Entrepreneur Academy in Brussels, Belgium. He is teaching and supporting entrepreneurs in the skills every entrepreneur needs to create a better life for themselves and the people around them.

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