Why Go On An Active Holiday?

Why Go On An Active Holiday?

Entrepreneurs also need a vacation. No matter if you are sole-preneur or you have a team working with you, you all need a vacation. Taking time for yourself and placing yourself in a different environment than your usual can have many benefits.

The fact that you can use this time to activate your body physically and recharge by taking a decision to go on an active holiday can be one option. If you haven’t had the time to be active regularly, the summer can be a perfect time to jump on a bike, go swimming, running and play.

Every summer I decide to use my bike as a form of transportation. It doesn’t matter where I go, what I do, I take my bike with me. It is not particularly easy to ride it in the city of Belgrade since there is no infrastructure but it doesn’t stop me. The wind in my hair feels a lot better than riding in a crowded bus with sweaty and sticky people. I get places faster anyways. Not only that, but I can use it to go into the woods and ride around the river and lake. Placing myself back in the nature, surrounded by trees, helps me relax and allows my brain to take a break.

Could you decide to wake up the kid in you for these few days and go with the flow?

Focusing purely on yourself and your inner needs usually helps you connect with the kid we are speaking of. Try it, it might just be what you needed to reconnect with what you really need and want. Allowing yourself to rejuvenate starts by detecting these needs.

Deciding to shift the focus from work towards yourself can be a good start of a short vacation. There is nothing wrong or selfish about this act.

Satisfy your physiological needs,such as activating physically, can further help you with handling stressful situations and unexpected outcomes. Wouldn’t you want this once you are back at work?

Waking up your body physically and enabling all the necessary hormones to flow, can be one way to regain balance and reconnect with yourself. On the plus side, the stress hormone drops.

Once you are back at work, you might be more motivated to find time for a sweaty activity than laying on a couch drinking beer.

We dare you to connect with the kid inside you and play this holiday.

What are you going to do on holiday?

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