Why is having an accountability partner important?

Why is having an accountability partner important?

Soon after I had finished my studies, I decided to start a business of my own. I wasn’t going to waste time in a corporate world as I knew it wasn’t for me. So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. At least I thought I did!

The idea was in place already, so I just started doing things. At the beginning it was great, I enjoyed brainstorming and researching but after a few months like that I didn’t feel like I made progress. I then started working various random jobs so I could have some income and slowly drifted away from doing things for my project. Even though I was a part of a local HUB I didn’t feel like I have to get things done. It became a project with no deadline.

Everything changed once I got a coach. All of a sudden I felt I had more purpose, to take actions and give some kind of a report. I couldn’t expect for my coach to lead me if I didn’t do my part and tried something before saying it didn’t work.

It was all about accountability. The need to do as you promised and set out to do. This was at first because of the coach but shortly I realized it was everything but that. It was a way forward and a way to get work done. It was about what I promised to myself I will do, not to the coach. I was feeling guilty when I didn’t do them. I soon realized my project would not grow if I simply procrastinated.

I truly believe it is crucial to have an accountability partner, whether that is a real person, a group of people or some kind of business tool.

I was lucky enough to receive help and get set in my tracks, but I see my entrepreneurial friends struggle to get things done because they didn’t work out a system suitable for them.

How important is accountability to you and who are you accountable to?

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